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About Us

ALVO's Background

In the early 1970's The Development Commission and its sister organisation the Scottish Development Commission were busy setting up local community development agencies; in England known as LDA's, and in Scotland known as CSS's or Councils for Social Service. When the Scottish Development Commission became inoperative, its responsibilities for administering grant aid to CSS's were given to Social Work Services Group based at the Scottish Office in Edinburgh.

At that time, Roger Clark, an employee of the Scottish Council for Social Services (Now SCVO) lived in Clydesdale, and began to explore the possibility of setting up a Council for Social Service (CSS) in Clydesdale. Marion Martin Lacey, a Voluntary Services Organiser with the Social Work Department in Lanark was also involved, and with the aid of some government seed money, acted herself as ALVO's first secretary and employed its future secretary as a secondary worker. ALVO from that point developed into a Council for Social Service, which then became known as a Council for the Voluntary Sector or CVS, which it performed for 30+ years.

ALVO is a registered charity, a company limited by guarantee, and with the introduction by the Scottish Government of Third Sector Interfaces, now operates as an independent organisation, albeit with the same aims and objectives as before.


Drawn from local voluntary groups, organisations, and individuals within the district's 600 square miles.

The Association is run by a voluntary management board which employs a Chief Officer, and an Administrative Officer to carry out the various functions of the organisation. Development Officers are employed as and when funding and projects allowed.

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