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The Association of Local Voluntary Organisations
2 Hope Street, Lanark. Tel 01555 661233

ALVO is a community development organisation specialising in community engagement and empowerment. Established in 1974, it is a vehicle through which many communities and local organisations have been assisted to realise their aspirations and potential.
It operates a range of services which include service review, the design and delivery of training programmes, preparation of local community led plans, team development, event facilitation, and general capacity building.

We provide these services for voluntary and community groups throughout Scotland, and accept commissions from public, private and third sector bodies who are interested in developing the potential of the communities or organisations in their geographic or thematic areas of interest.

ALVO exists to aid the individual citizen and the organisations he and she choose to invest their energies in. It recognises and fosters the capacity for local people and communities to bring about change and regeneration through voluntary action.

Our support strengthens the contribution local voluntary organisations make to the economic, social and cultural development of their community.

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